Fabio Miccoli

"Wine allows me to touch people's souls"

“I savour and I speak with the eyes, I see with the nose and I listen with the mouth.’’
Fabio has made a career out of his passion and he enjoys sharing the whirling feelings that wine generates in him.
Above all, he desires to be the voice that speaks life, strength and vitality that nature transmits to this elixir.
His contagious passion for wine led Fabio to be the responsible for the organization and intervention of the sommelier courses of the Association des Sommeliers Suisse Professionnels (ASSP).


I know the cost in pain, in sweat,
And in burning sunlight on the blazing hillside,
Of creating my life, of giving me a soul.


Charles Baudelaire


  • 2013  Best Swiss Sommelier
  • Ranked 16th at the World’s Best Sommelier Competition, Tokyo
  • 2009  Best Swiss Sommelier
  • 2008  Semi-finalist at the Best Sommelier of Europe Competition
  • 2008  Best Sommelier in Italy
  • 2005  Best Sommelier in Germany
  • 2002  Best Sommelier in Italy


Excellent presentation

Persuasive communication

Contagious enthusiasm








To showcase wines from your cellar, you should know how to breathe life into them by the way you describe them and pair them skillfully with sublime dishes prepared by your chef. Fabio delivers holistic  training including simple and effective working tools for this purpose.

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Be able to describe a wine to a customer in a professional way;
  • Be able to advise customers to expandsales;
  • Be able to advise customers on harmonious food and wine pairings;
  • Be able to master different techniques to ensure a professional service;
    • Uncorking a bottle of wine;
    • Uncorking a sparkling wine;
    • Master the operating temperatures;
    • Decanting

Wine list

One of the first tools that reflect the image of a restaurant is its wine list. Just like the menu, the wine list should capture the identity of the restaurant owner, their philosophy and their skills.

A well-formulated wine list is accessible to a diverse public and to more sophisticated customers. A sommelier expert will help you optimise your wine list and captivate interest.

While remaining classic, your wine list shall remain lively and progressive.

In collaboration with the restaurant owner, Fabio Miccoli suggests designing an original, elaborated wine list and address wine waiting holistically.

The services offered with the design of the wine list include:

  • Continuous training in wine waiting and sales in a bid to increase the company’s turnover;
  • Assistance in cellar management (purchase and sales training);
  • Layout of the wine list and the wine cellar file for the inventory;
  • Assistance in contacting suppliers;
  • Negotiation of prices.


Personalize your events and spoil your taste buds

Determine the typology of wines for the evening: wines from the same region; a grape variety produced in different parts of the world; vertical tasting of a single wine on different vintages …
Determine the level, theme and place of the event: home, restaurant, cellar …

Wine Cellar building

  • Planning an ideal cellar according to your desires and needs;
  • Filling and organising the cellar;
  • Establishing a cellar management mechanism and advising on storage;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the existing stock and assessing the ageing potential of wines;
  • Organising private events at home, tastings and wine-related evenings with choices of wines suitable to the recurrence and to the guests;
  • Presenting wines in a way to make your event special and unique.